Trissolcus saakowi 148 female lectotype (NHMW 0003), head, anterolateral view 149 female (USNMENT00977544), T1– T2, posterolateral view 150 female (OSUC259830, paratype of T. radjabii syn. n.) 151 female (USNMENT00977544), mesosoma, posterodorsal view 152 female (USNMENT00977544), head, anterior view 153 female lectotype (NHMW 0003), mesosoma, lateral view. Scale bars in millimeters.

  Part of: Talamas EJ, Buffington ML, Hoelmer K (2017) Revision of Palearctic Trissolcus Ashmead (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae). In: Talamas EJ, Buffington ML (Eds) Advances in the Systematics of Platygastroidea. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 56: 3-185.