Helava simplex 55 female holotype (USNMENT00989195) head, mesosoma, metasoma, lateral view 56 female holotype (USNMENT00989195) head and mesosoma, dorsal view 57 female holotype (USNMENT00989195) metasoma, dorsal view 58 female holotype (USNMENT00989195) head, anterior view 59 female holotype (USNMENT00989195) antenna, dorsal view 60 female paratype (USNMENT00989190) fore wing, dorsal view. Scale bars in millimeters.

  Part of: Talamas EJ, Masner L (2016) Revision of New World Helava Masner & Huggert (Platygastridae, Sceliotrachelinae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 53: 1-24. https://doi.org/10.3897/jhr.53.10217