Habitat and host of Uscanoidea ricoi sp. nov. 26 cocoa plantations in agroforestry system 27 eggs at the moment of emergence of the nymphs of Monalonion dissimulatum 28 nymphs of M. dissimulatum host feeding on cocoa pod 29 adult of M. dissimulatum feeding on cocoa pod 30 collection of cocoa pods with M. dissimulatum eggs parasitized.

  Part of: Gamboa J, Pérez-Benavides L, Ospina-Peñuela E, Serna F, Viggiani G (2024) A new species of Uscanoidea Girault (Hymenoptera, Trichogrammatidae), an egg parasitoid of Monalonion dissimulatum Distant (Hemiptera, Miridae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 97: 191-206. https://doi.org/10.3897/jhr.97.111008