1a, b Branches of Calotropis procera: a opening to boring b cut longitudinally to show a boring with at its base nest cells of a leaf cutting megachilid bee 2 Boring openings in the leaf bases of Phoenix dactylifera 3 C. procera tree outside the drip irrigation area at Tawi Ruwyyan with a bundle of trap-nests suspended from a branch 4 Tawi Ruwayyan, looking from the C. procera tree towards the drip irrigation area 5 Trap-nest bundle on trunk of Phoenix dactylifera in the date palm grove at the Camel Farm 6 Date palm grove at the Camel Farm.

  Part of: Gess SK, Roosenschoon PA (2017) Notes on the nesting of three species of Megachilinae in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, UAE. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 54: 43-56. https://doi.org/10.3897/jhr.54.11290