Dorsal views of male mesoscutellum (20, 21) and second metasomal tergum (22, 23), and lateral views of the genital capsule (24) and dorsal (gsd) and ventral lobes (gsv) of the gonostylus (25, 26). Red box in Fig. 24 indicates detailed area in subsequent figures. 20 E. micheneri (paratype. Mexico: Jalisco, Talpa, KUNHM-ENT 1121712) 21, 23–25 E. oliveri (paratype. Mexico: Guerrero, EMEC 1069134, -35) 22 E. coerulescens (lectotype) 26 E. engeli (paratype, KUNHM-ENT 0504531).

  Part of: Gonzalez VH, Griswold T, Simões M (2017) On the identity of the adventive species of Eufriesea Cockerell in the USA: systematics and potential distribution of the coerulescens species group (Hymenoptera, Apidae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 55: 55-102.