Labrum form diversity in bees. A Halictus ligatus Say 1837 female (NPIC:87530) B Holcopasites insoletus (Linsley, 1942) male (NPIC:BBSL211611) C Megachile sculpturalis Smith 1853 female (NPIC:BBSL1030971) D Trachusa larreae (Cockerell, 1897) female (NPIC:94880) E Habropoda laboriosa (Fabricius, 1804) female (NPIC:BBSL253733) F Anthophora abrupta Say, 1838 male (NPIC:BBSL231004). Scale bars indicate 250┬Ám for each image independently.

  Part of: Orr MC, Tripodi AD (2017) Stiff upper lip: Labrum deformity and functionality in bees (Hymenoptera, Apoidea). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 57: 89-101.