Brightfield images showing the dorsal and ventral patches of translucent cuticle in Orussidae, viewed externally. A Dorsal view of an Orussus sp. (Hymenoptera: Orussidae), viewed externally (identifier: IM 1445/ NCSU 53625) B Ventral view of the same specimen C Arrows pointing to dorsal patches of translucent cuticle in Orussus abietinus Scopoli, 1763 (Hymenoptera: Orussidae) (identifier: PSUC_FEM 86200) D A closer view of one of the translucent patches from the same specimen.

  Part of: Trietsch C, Mik√≥ I, Ulmer JM, Deans AR (2017) Translucent cuticle and setiferous patches in Megaspilidae (Hymenoptera, Ceraphronoidea). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 60: 135-156.