A. compressa development time and adult size are sexually dimorphic. A Larval development as defined by the duration between egg laying and pupation shows no difference between males and females (black, p = 0.26). Pupal duration - time between cocoon spinning and eclosion - is sexually dimorphic (red, p < 0.0001). Statistical difference determined by Welch’s T test, NS = not significant, **** = p < 0.0001. (n = 200, males; n = 135, females) B Cocoon volume (black) of females is significantly larger than that of the males. (female n = 8, male n=21). Adult mass (red) is significantly larger for females (Female n = 8, male n=17). (*** = p < 0.001, **** = p < 0.0001, by Welch’s T test). Error bars indicate standard deviation.

  Part of: Arvidson R, Landa V, Frankenberg S, Adams ME (2018) Life History of the Emerald Jewel Wasp Ampulex compressa. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 63: 1-13. https://doi.org/10.3897/jhr.63.21762