Viscera of P. americana before (A) and after (B) parasitization by A. compressa. A The entire digestive system has been isolated to more thoroughly illustrate all parts of the gut as well as tissues previously obstructed such as trachea, ovaries, thoracic muscle and fat body B Isolated gut from after completion of A. compressa larval development. Abbreviations: TM = thoracic muscle, Tr = trachea, Ovl = ovarioles of ovary, FB = fat body, Cn = colon, Mg = midgut, Cm = caeca, Cp = crop, VNC = ventral nerve cord, Pv = proventriculus.

  Part of: Arvidson R, Landa V, Frankenberg S, Adams ME (2018) Life History of the Emerald Jewel Wasp Ampulex compressa. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 63: 1-13.