Mating of Nomada lathburiana (a, b) in the lab and of N. flavoguttata on Taraxacum officinale s.l.. (c, d). a ♂ mounts the ♀ and fixes its wings with its mid and hind legs and tries to entangle the female´s antennae spirally with its flagella. ♂ lifts the abdomen of the ♀ with its hind legs and tries to insert its genitalia in the female´s genital opening b ♂ repeatedly spirally entangles the female´s antennae with its left and right flagellum and pulls it off medially to apically. ♂ tries to insert its genitalia repeatedly c ♂♂ patrolling at a blossom of T. officinale d Insertion phase of copulation. Antennation of ♂ as described in (b).

  Part of: Schindler M, Hofmann MM, Wittmann D, Renner SS (2018) Courtship behaviour in the genus Nomada – antennal grabbing and possible transfer of male secretions. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 65: 47-59.