Platygaster harpagoceras: 1 Holotype female (dorsal) stored in HNHM (Budapest) 2 Paratype male (dorsal) stored in HNHM (Budapest) 3 Paratype female (dorsal), stored in NBAIR (Bengaluru) 4 Female antenna-light microscopy 5 Female antenna (SEM) 6 Male antenna-light microscopy 7 Fore and hind wing 8 Paratype female (lateral), stored in NBAIR (Bengaluru).

  Part of: Popovici OA, Veenakumari K, Mitroiu M-D (2019) A new species of Platygaster (Hymenoptera, Platygastroidea) from India with an unusual antenna. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 68: 19-28.