Adult female of Ariadna mollis (Segestriidae) parasitized by Epipompilus excelsus (Pompilidae). A) Wasp on the back of the spider (the arrow indicates the position of the egg in the abdomen). B) A. mollis moving slowly minutes after being paralyzed. C) Larval I instar of the wasp adhered to the abdomen of the spider. D) Larval II instar. E) Larval III instar. F) Larval IV instar feeding from the abdomen of the spider. G) Larva eating the remains of the legs and abdomen of the spider. H) The cocoon containing the meconium (red arrow). I) Adult female of E. excelsus.

  Part of: Villanueva-Bonilla GA, Brescovit AD, dos Santos EF, Vasconcellos-Neto J (2018) First record of Epipompilus excelsus (Bradley, 1944) (Hymenoptera, Pompilidae) as a koinobiont ectoparasitoid of Ariadna mollis (Holmberg, 1876) (Araneae, Segestriidae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 66: 15-21.