Braconidae rank/abundance curves in three vegetation communities in the RLBR (only the most abundant species are included). A= Alabagrus albispina, B= Macrocentrus sp8, E= Macrocentrus sp2, S=Macrocentrus sp6, C= Heterospilus sp17, D= Heterospilus sp2, F= Heterospilus sp12, G= Heterospilus sp8, H= Heterospilus sp3, I= Heterospilus sp4, J= Heterospilus sp6, N= Heterospilus sp1, K= Lytopilus sp2; L= Bracon sp4, O= Bracon sp2, M= Zelomorpha arizonensis, P= Zelomoropha lenisterna, Q= Cremnops ferrugineus, R= Cremnops melanoptera, T= Coiba woldai and U= Zacremnops cressoni.

  Part of: Cauich-Kumul R, Delfín-González H, Martín-Park A, Manrique-Saide P, López-Martínez V (2018) Beta diversity of four braconid subfamilies (Braconidae, Agathidinae, Braconinae, Doryctinae and Macrocentrinae) of the Ria Lagartos Biosphere reserve in Yucatan, Mexico, with some considerations on biological habits. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 67: 63-83.