COI haplotype network of the Trissolcus japonicus analyzed in this study. Each circle corresponds to one haplotype; circle size gives the proportion of individuals belonging to the haplotype. The color inside each circle represents the geographical origin. Numbers correspond to the haplotype numbers. Hatch marks symbolise the number of mutations between haplotypes.

  Part of: Sabbatini Peverieri G, Talamas E, Bon MC, Marianelli L, Bernardinelli I, Malossini G, Benvenuto L, Roversi PF, Hoelmer K (2018) Two Asian egg parasitoids of Halyomorpha halys (Stål) (Hemiptera, Pentatomidae) emerge in northern Italy: Trissolcus mitsukurii (Ashmead) and Trissolcus japonicus (Ashmead) (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 67: 37-53.