Paratelenomus anu 4 female (FSCA 00090272) mesosoma, dorsal view 5 holotype female (ZSI/WGRS/I.R-INV.5069) lateral habitus 6 female paratype (CNC494970), head, mesosoma, metasoma, dorsal view 7 female paratype (FSCA 00090272), head, anterior view 8 female paratype (CNC494969), head and mesosoma, lateral view. Scale bars: in millimeters.

  Part of: Rajmohana K, Sachin JP, Talamas EJ, Shamyasree MS, Jalali SK, Rakshit O (2019) Paratelenomus anu Rajmohana, Sachin & Talamas (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae): description and biology of a new species of phoretic egg parasitoid of Megacopta cribraria (Fab.) (Hemiptera, Plataspidae). In: Talamas E (Eds) Advances in the Systematics of Platygastroidea II. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 73: 103-123.