Representatives of Pirhosigma species 13–15 Pirhosigma cambrai Garcete-Barrett & Ferreira, holotype female 13 T1, dorsal view, arrow pointing to the apex with a pre-apical fossa well-developed 14 T1 and S2, lateral view, arrow pointing to the S2 without a basal slope followed by an elevation 15 T2, dorsal view 16 Pirhosigma mearimense (Zavattari), female head, frontal view 17 Pirhosigma sulcata Ferreira & Hermes, holotype male head, frontal view. Scale bars: 0.5 mm (13–17).

  Part of: Ferreira WD, Hermes MG, Garcete-Barrett BR, Carpenter James M (2019) Two new species of Pirhosigma Giordani Soika (Vespidae, Eumeninae), with an updated catalog for the genus. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 71: 225-240.