Symmorphus tsushimanus, female 122 vertex (dorsal view) 123 T1 (dorsal view) 124 S1 (ventral view) 125–126 Calligaster himalayensis, female 125 habitus (lateral view) 126 head (frontal view) 127–129 Zethus dolosus, female 127 habitus (lateral view) 128 habitus (dorsal view) 129 head (frontal view) 130–131 Delta pyriforme 130 female constructing a cell 131 ventral side of a nest showing seven cells with brood, most at advanced pupal stage.

  Part of: Li T-J, Barthélémy C, Carpenter JM (2019) The Eumeninae (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) of Hong Kong (China), with description of two new species, two new synonymies and a key to the known taxa. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 72: 127-176.