Eumenes punctatus 132 female collecting construction material 133 group of cells on a branch of Rosemary 134 Eumenes quadratus quadratus 134 female completing a brood cell 135–138 Allorhynchium chinense 135 female at nest building the resin collar at the entrance 136 typical nest in a bamboo segment showing two cells. The first cell with post feeding larva, the second cell with feeding larva with prey, cell un-closed 137 a pupa 138 cocoon of a Chrysididae inside a nest.

  Part of: Li T-J, Barthélémy C, Carpenter JM (2019) The Eumeninae (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) of Hong Kong (China), with description of two new species, two new synonymies and a key to the known taxa. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 72: 127-176.