Life stages and representative specimens of Rhopalosoma A 5th instar larva prior to burrowing (MK991305) B pupal case extracted from soil (MK991302) C adult after failing to emerge properly from cocoon (MK991303) D disarticulated mandible from pupal case (MK991302) E pupal case extracted from dirt showing still living pre-pupa (MK991301) F pupal case awaiting adult emergence (MK991300) G–I early instar larvae attached to: G Hapithus agitator adult (larva: MK991304) and H H. saltator nymph (larva: MK991307) I Anaxipha exigua species group (inset: detached larva: MK991302).

  Part of: Miller LA, Benefield TD, Lounsbury SA, Lohrmann V, Blaschke JD (2019) DNA barcoding of rhopalosomatid larvae reveals a new host record and genetic evidence of a second species of Rhopalosoma Cresson (Hymenoptera, Rhopalosomatidae) in America north of Mexico. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 74: 35-46.