Waldheimia saurauia 9 general habitat of Estación Biológica Monteverde 10 habitat at open trail along valley, arrow pointing at young Saurauia montana tree where young larvae were found 11 oviposition scar-swellings on secondary veins with larva-exited holes 12 middle stage first instar larvae, ca. 4 mm long, on underside leaf near oviposition site; some oviposition swellings are visible 13 early to middle instar larvae intermingled and resting 14 last feeding instar larva, lateral 15 last feeding instar larva, dorsolateral.

  Part of: Smith DR, Nishida K (2019) A new genus and three new species of Neotropical sawflies (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae) from Costa Rica, with host plants and life history notes. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 72: 45-65. https://doi.org/10.3897/jhr.72.38908