Panama City’s waterfront and surrounding area as seen from the shoreline of Casco Viejo, Panamá in 1875. The large building in the left foreground is La Casa de la Marina, near El Palacio de las Garzas (Presidential Palace). The bees were nesting approximately 160 m in-land. The peak of Cerro Ancón is approximately 1.6 km distant. Photo by Eadweard Muybridge, courtesy of the Smithsonian American Art Museum; gift of Mitchell and Nancy Steir.

  Part of: Galgani-Barraza P, Moreno JE, Lobo S, Tribaldos W, Roubik DW, Wcislo WT (2019) Flower use by late nineteenth-century orchid bees (Eufriesea surinamensis, Hymenoptera, Apidae) nesting in the Catedral Basílica Santa María la Antigua de Panamá. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 74: 65-81.