Phylogenetic tree of Nematinae based on the Bayesian analysis. Numbers above or right of branches show Bayesian posterior probabilities (PP) followed by bootstrap proportions (%, BP) from the corresponding ML analysis. Branches receiving maximum support (PP=1, BP=100%) are denoted by a black dot. Support values for weakly supported branches (PP<0.9 and/or BP<70) are not shown. Euura and Pristiphora clades are collapsed here, but are fully shown in Figs 3 and 4. The inset shows the outline of the full tree including the Euura and Pristiphora clades. Nomenclature is according to Taeger et al. (2010). Voucher ID numbers (e.g. G6) correspond to specimen identifiers in previous phylogenetic trees with different species names. The scale bar shows the number of estimated substitutions per nucleotide position.

  Part of: Prous M, Blank S, Goulet H, Heibo E, Liston A, Malm T, Nyman T, Schmidt S, Smith D, V√•rdal H, Viitasaari M, Vikberg V, Taeger A (2014) The genera of Nematinae (Hymenoptera,¬†Tenthredinidae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 40: 1-69.