Comparison of pan trapping phenologies of Halictus ligatus and H. confusus collected at the same sites in 2006. The three main flight periods are indicated, for queens (Q), workers (W), and the late summer mix of workers and gynes (G). Note the differences between species. In H. ligatus, more females were caught towards the end of the flight season (the gyne flight period), whereas in H. confusus, more females were caught in the middle of the flight season, during the worker foraging period. Week 1 was the last week of April, and week 11 was the first week of July.

  Part of: Richards MH, Onuferko TO, Rehan SM (2015) Phenological, but not social, variation associated with climate differences in a eusocial sweat bee, Halictus ligatus, nesting in southern Ontario. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 43: 19-44.