Psenulus spp. measurements and morphological terms, ♀ 3A Face frontal view, Psenulus gibbus, CL: Clypeus length, Fw1: Frons ventral width, Fw2: Frons dorsal width, Int. car.: Interantennal carina, Cly.: Clypeus 3B Vertex Psenulus gibbus, POD: Post-ocellar distance, OOD: Ocellar-ocular distance 3C Mesosoma lateral view, P. continentis, MH: Mesosoma height, ML: Mesosoma length, MScu: Mesoscutum, Teg.: tegula, Pr.: Pronotum, Mes.: Mesopleuron, Epi. sul.: Episternal sulcus, Ep. car.: Epicnemial carina, Mes. sut.: Mesopleural suture, Met.: Metanotum, Pro.: Propodeum 3D Mesoscutum dorsal view, P. pallens, Ow: Occipital width, MW: Mesosoma width, Pre. sut.: Prescutal suture 3E Propodeum dorsal view, P. pallens, Pro. Enc.: Propodeal enclosure 3F Petiole and T1, lateral view, P. continentis, PL: Petiole length, PH: Petiole height, THH: T1 hump height 3G Fore wing, P. continentis, 1SM: 1st Submarginal cell, 2SM: 2nd Submarginal cell, etc., 1m-cu: 1st recurrent vein, 2m-cu: 2nd recurrent vein.

  Part of: Taylor CK, Barthélémy C, Chi RCS, Guénard B (2020) Review of Psenulus species (Hymenoptera, Psenidae) in the Hong Kong SAR, with description of three new species. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 79: 169-211.