Survey locations are displayed in red dots. The black rectangle shows the Agricultural Operations of the University of California, Riverside, where most of our surveys were conducted. Five Trissolcus hullensis were recovered from an alfalfa field (33.96508°N, 117.34084°W), one Trissolcus utahensis was recovered from a squash field with mustard weeds (33.96611°N, 117.34230°W), and eleven T. utahensis were recovered from roadside mustard weeds (33.99105°N, 117.33360°W).

  Part of: Ganjisaffar F, Talamas EJ, Bon MC, Perring TM (2020) First report and integrated analysis of two native Trissolcus species utilizing Bagrada hilaris eggs in California. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 80: 49-70.