Female of D. michezi from Algarve, southern Portugal (first description) 2 dorsal view 3 lateral view 4 head (frontal view) 5 vertex and ocelli 6 malar area 7 flagellum and pedicel 8 galea and maxillary palpus 9 glossa and labial palpus inside the galea (ventral view) 10 scutum 11 metanotum and propodeum 12 metasoma (dorsal view) 13 pygidial plate 14 metasoma (ventral view).

  Part of: Ghisbain G, Radchenko VG, Cejas D, Molina FP, Michez D (2021) Assessment and conservation status of an endemic bee in a diversity hotspot (Hymenoptera, Melittidae, Dasypoda). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 81: 127-142. https://doi.org/10.3897/jhr.81.60811