Male of D. michezi from Algarve, southern Portugal 22 dorsal view 23 lateral view 24 head (frontal view) 25 vertex and ocelli 26 malar area 27 antenna 28 galea and maxillary palpus 29 glossa and labial palpus (dorsal view) 30 scutum 31 propodeum 32 metasoma (dorsal view) 33 metasoma (ventral view) 34 S6-8 and genitalia (ventral view) 35 genitalia (lateral view) 36 genitalia (dorsal view).

  Part of: Ghisbain G, Radchenko VG, Cejas D, Molina FP, Michez D (2021) Assessment and conservation status of an endemic bee in a diversity hotspot (Hymenoptera, Melittidae, Dasypoda). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 81: 127-142.