Anisotacrus senticosus Sheng & Sun, sp. nov. Holotype. Female 14 head, anterior view 15head, lateral view 16 head, dorsal view 17 mesoscutum, dorsal view 18 mesosoma, lateral view 19 hind tibia, lateral view 20 first tergite, dorsal view 21 second and third tergites, dorsal view 22 apical portion of metasoma, lateral view.

  Part of: Sun S-P, Li T, Zong S-X, Sheng M-L (2021) Two new species of Anisotacrus Schmiedeknecht (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Ctenopelmatinae) with a key to Eastern Palaearctic species. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 82: 187-197.