Morphological Terminology and overview of Waterston’s evaporatorium (WE) and surrounding tergites in Ceraphron (brightfield) A metasoma in dorsal view, with WE visible on Mt6 B metasomal tergum 6 (T6) and Waterston’s evaporatorium C metasomal tergum 5 and 6 ta = tergal apodeme ev = evaporatorium at cx = acrotergal calyx ite = intertergal extensor muscle sr ta = sclerotized ridge of tergal apodeme smp = submedial patches dcc = distal crenulate carina cs = campaniform sensilla csr = caudal setal row. Character abbreviations are provided in Appendix 1.

  Part of: Ulmer JM, Mikó I, Deans AR, Krogmann L (2021) The Waterston’s evaporatorium of Ceraphronidae (Ceraphronoidea, Hymenoptera): A morphological barcode to a cryptic taxon. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 85: 29-56.