Variation in submedial patches within subgenera of Ceraphron (brightfield) A Ceraphron (Allomicrops) sp. B Ceraphron Eulagynodes sp. C Masner lubomirus. Characters states associated with the presence of smp (character 8). Lighter medial melanization of the evaporatorium found in some species of Ceraphron Allomicrops (chr. 15). The three states of character 9 can be seen, medially separated in C. Allomicrops; and medially continuous, in C. Eulagynodes and M. lubomirus.

  Part of: Ulmer JM, Mikó I, Deans AR, Krogmann L (2021) The Waterston’s evaporatorium of Ceraphronidae (Ceraphronoidea, Hymenoptera): A morphological barcode to a cryptic taxon. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 85: 29-56.