WE glands and sculpture of evaporatorium in Ceraphronidae (SEM) A ventral side T5 of Aphanogmus sp. showing median-ventral concavity corresponding to position of Waterston’s organ on T6. B glandular subunits of the Waterston’s organ extending into abdominal body cavity from ventral side of T6 and evaporatorium C evaporatorium and bulla of Aphanogmus D evaporatorium topography in Ceraphron, a reticulate matrix of empty cells. Mvc = median ventral concavity of T5 eg = evaporatorium glandules ev = evaporatorium at cx = acrotergal calyx bu = bulla; at = acrotergite.

  Part of: Ulmer JM, Mikó I, Deans AR, Krogmann L (2021) The Waterston’s evaporatorium of Ceraphronidae (Ceraphronoidea, Hymenoptera): A morphological barcode to a cryptic taxon. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 85: 29-56. https://doi.org/10.3897/jhr.85.67165