Variation of campaniform sensilla within the Aphanogmus Group (brightfield) A Elysoceraphron hungaricus B Synarsis sp. Presence of a complete proximomedial lamella (pml) (character 16) in E. hungaricus and partial pml in Synarsis. Elysoceraphron contains both inner marginal sclerotization and transverse sclerotization of the tergal apodeme. Both abnormal states of campaniform sensilla (character 10) are shown, Synarsis having two sets of cs, whereas they are entirely absent in Elysoceraphron.

  Part of: Ulmer JM, Mikó I, Deans AR, Krogmann L (2021) The Waterston’s evaporatorium of Ceraphronidae (Ceraphronoidea, Hymenoptera): A morphological barcode to a cryptic taxon. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 85: 29-56.