Maximum likelihood trees of Euura bergmanni group (COI left, nuclear NaK and POL2 upper right) and viridis subgroup (NaK lower left, POL2 lower right). Numbers at branches show SH-aLRT support (%) / ultrafast bootstrap support (%) values. Support values for weakly supported branches (<90) are not shown. Letters “f” and “m” stand for “female” and “male” if known. Numbers at the end of the tip labels refer to the length of the sequence and the number of ambiguous positions (e.g., heterozygosities). Note the COI heteroplasmic variants for brevivalvis ZMUO.030869 and ZMUO.030870 (in bold).

  Part of: Prous M, Liston A, Mutanen M (2021) Revision of the West Palaearctic Euura bergmanni and oligospila groups (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae). In: Proshchalykin MYu, Gokhman VE (Eds) Hymenoptera studies through space and time: A collection of papers dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Arkady S. Lelej. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 84: 187-269.