Euura glutinosae (A, B) and possible dispar (C–E) larvae A,B France 2007 Alnus glutinosa (photos: Henri Savina) C Pyrenees 2010 Betula (photo: Henri Savina) D Finland 2020 swept larva E DEI-GISHym12579 Germany 2020 Betula pendula. The larvae with paired red dots (C, D) have earlier been considered as representing pseudodispar that we consider synonymous to dispar, but whether this type of larvae truly represent dispar remains unconfirmed.

  Part of: Prous M, Liston A, Mutanen M (2021) Revision of the West Palaearctic Euura bergmanni and oligospila groups (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae). In: Proshchalykin MYu, Gokhman VE (Eds) Hymenoptera studies through space and time: A collection of papers dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Arkady S. Lelej. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 84: 187-269.