Cocoon forming behavior of Meteorus stellatus sp. nov. A emerging from a host larva (start time) B hanging down from the host plant substance (2 min) C intertwining with threads: arrows show larvae looking for other threads (39 min) D almost merging into three masses (57 min) E–J forming spherical cocoon masses (E 30 min F 65 min G 69 min H 84 min I 105 min J 139 min).

  Part of: Fujie S, Shimizu S, Tone K, Matsuo K, Maeto K (2021) Stars in subtropical Japan: a new gregarious Meteorus species (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Euphorinae) constructs enigmatic star-shaped pendulous communal cocoons. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 86: 19-45.