Position and phylogenetic relationships of Hadronotus relative to other Scelionidae based on the topology depicted in Figure 1. Colored boxes above branches correspond to the level of support obtained for that branch based on the support metric. Branches annotated with a single box received equal levels of support in all analyses. The scale bar indicates the expected number of substitutions per site.

  Part of: Talamas EJ, Bremer JS, Moore MR, Bon M-C, Lahey Z, Roberts CG, Combee LA, McGathey N, van Noort S, Timokhov AV, Hougardy E, Hogg B (2021) A maximalist approach to the systematics of a biological control agent: Gryon aetherium Talamas, sp. nov. (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae). In: Lahey Z, Talamas E (Eds) Advances in the Systematics of Platygastroidea III. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 87: 323-480. https://doi.org/10.3897/jhr.87.72842