One photograph and two line drawings of Orthosyntexis elegans gen. et sp. nov., holotype (specimen CNU-HYM-MA2015101) female A dorsal view as preserved B line drawing of dorsal view with forewings and hind wings artificially extended from body C line drawing of forewing and hind wing. Scale bars: 1 mm (A, C); 2 mm (B). Abbreviations: mms, mesoscuto-mesoscutellar sulcus; mls, median longitudinal sulcus; na, notaulus; psc2, mesoprescutum; scl2, mesoscutellum.

  Part of: Gao J, Engel MS, Shih C, Ren D, Gao T (2021) A new genus of anaxyelid wood wasps from the mid-Cretaceous and the phylogeny of Anaxyelidae (Hymenoptera). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 86: 151-169.