Gilpinia lishui sp. nov., female, holotype 1 female adult, dorsal view 2 female adult, lateral view 3 head of female, dorsal view 4 head of female, anterior view 5 mesopleuron and metapleuron of female 6 antenna of female, lateral view 7 ovipositor sheath, ventral view 8 claw of hind leg, lateral view 9 lancet 10 the 1–3 annuli of lancet 11 lance, dorsal view 12 lance, lateral view. Scale bars: 2 mm (1, 2); 100 µm (9–12).

  Part of: Li Z-J, Wang H-N, Liu M-M, Wei M-C (2022) A new species of Gilpinia Benson (Hymenoptera, Diprionidae) from Lishui, China. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 89: 61-71.