Small carpenter bee, Ceratina ridleyi (♀) collecting pollen in ginger flower, Globba leucantha a scopa in hind leg (red arrow) covered with pollen grains, direct contact of stigma (yellow arrow) and abdomen b hairs in the ventral body part (red arrows) and hind leg (yellow arrow) covered with pollen grains c observation of pollen grains on hind femur under a stereomicroscope (2 × magnification).

  Part of: Arumugam N, Zamri NSA, Kumaran JV, Nor MM, Subramaniam S, Appalasamy S (2022) First report on pollinating behavior of the small carpenter bee Ceratina ridleyi Cockerell (Hymenoptera, Apidae) in Globba leucantha var. bicolor Holttum (Zingiberaceae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 90: 173-183.