Phragmotic ants (continued) A Pheidole embolopyx queen. Arrow indicates the phragmotic shield on gaster. Modified from Brown (1968) B Blepharidatta conops worker. Image from Brandão et al. (2015) C Colobostruma leae holotype queen (Steve Shattcuk) D Cephalotes atratus soldier worker, CASENT0178627 (April Nobile) E Colobopsis cerberula major worker ,CASENT0104765 (April Nobile) F Tetraponera phragmotica major worker, CASENT0136420 (April Nobile).

  Part of: Hosoishi S, Yamane S, Sokh H (2022) Discovery of a new phragmotic species of the ant genus Carebara Westwood, 1840 (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) from Cambodia. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 91: 357-374.