Neighbour joining tree of COI-5P sequences of 9 imagines of Celonites (Masarinae) from Morocco, 10 imagines of Spintharina (Chrysididae) and 2 immature stages collected from brood cells of two Celonites nests from Morocco (see text for details).

  Part of: Mauss V, Praz C, Müller A, Prosi R, Rosa P (2022) Description of the nest of the pollen wasp Celonites jousseaumei Du Buysson, 1906 (Hymenoptera, Vespidae, Masarinae) with a new host association of the cuckoo wasp Spintharina innesi (Du Buysson, 1894) (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 93: 139-149.