Map of P. machaon group larval sampling localities in Alberta and British Columbia. Pie charts represent relative numbers of reared Papilio butterflies (white) and Trogus parasitoids (grey) per locality (ignoring pupae that did not produce either), and pie chart size reflects sample size of Papilio and Trogus combined (see inset). Collection regions for P. machaon are indicated by ovals: Red Deer River, for P. m. dodi, and Peace River, for P. m. pikei. All other localities represented P. zelicaon collections. Map image is public domain from:

  Part of: Dupuis JR, Mori BA, Sperling FAH (2016) Trogus parasitoids of Papilio butterflies undergo extended diapause in western Canada (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 50: 179-190.