Sendaphne rogerblancoi, female holotype. 68 Habitus, lateral view 69 Fore wing 70 Head, frontal view 71 Hypopygium and hind legs (partially), lateral view 72 Ovipositor, ovipositor sheaths, and hypopygium, lateral view 73 Head and mesosoma (partially), lateral view 74 Propodeum and T1, dorsal view 75 Propodeum and mesosoma, dorsal view.

  Part of: Fernandez-Triana JL, Whitfield JB, Smith MA, Hallwachs W, Janzen DH (2014) Revision of the neotropical genus Sendaphne Nixon (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 41: 1-29.