Accumulated association network for five nests in a small cluster. Each node represents a nest and lines represent movements of wasps between connected nodes (Blue lines: uni-directional shift in the direction of the arrow; red lines: shift in both directions; associated numbers on the lines refer to the number of movements). The size of a node is proportional to that nest’s degree centrality (summed rate of links with other nests, where a link is represented by a shifting wasp). The spatial position of each node (nest) mirrors the real position of nests in the cluster.

  Part of: Turillazzi S, Matthews RW, Pradella D, Meucci F, Baracchi D (2014) Nest architecture and colony composition of communally nesting Spilomena socialis sp. n. (Hymenoptera, Crabronidae, Pemphredoninae) from peninsular Malaysia. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 41: 113-129.