Penis valves of Pristiphora ruficornis group and P. rufipes. 97 P. staudingeri PR.361VV 98 P. staudingeri PR.447VV 99 P. staudingeri PR.352VV 100 P. staudingeri PR.453VV 101 P. beaumonti DEI-GISHym21176 102 P. staudingeri DEI-GISHym21228 103 P. luteipes DEI-GISHym19681 104 P. rufipes DEI-GISHym15263.

  Part of: Prous M, Vikberg V, Liston A, Kramp K (2016) North-Western Palaearctic species of the Pristiphora ruficornis group (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae). Journal of Hymenoptera Research 51: 1-54.