Neodoryctes henanensis Li & van Achterberg, sp. n., female, holotype, but 6 and 11 of female paratype. 2 Head, front aspect 3 Head, dorsal aspect 4 Basal anternal segments 5 Mesosoma, dorsal aspect 6 Mesosoma, lateral aspect 7 Propodeum, dorsal aspect 8 Hind coxa 9 Hind femur 10 Hind tibia 11 Hind tarsus 12 Wings 13 Metasoma, dorsal aspect.

  Part of: Li T, Zhang Y, van Achterberg C (2015) A new species of subgenus Neodoryctes Sz├ępligeti (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) from China, with a key to Oriental and Palaearctic species. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 46: 107-114.