Rhopalomutillinae, hypopygium (S8): left = lateral view, anterior to left; centre = ventral view, anterior to left; right = posterior view. 31–32 Rimulotilla gen. n. 31 Ri. tongaana (Péringuey) 32 Ri. conifera (Bischoff) 33–34 Pherotilla gen. n. 33 P. mlanjeana (Bischoff) 34 P. oceanica (Mickel) 35–37 Rhopalomutilla André 35 Rh. clavicornis (André) 36 Rh. carinaticeps Bischoff 37 Rh. anguliceps André 38 Bischoffiella cristata (Bingham).

  Part of: Brothers DJ (2015) Revision of the Rhopalomutillinae (Hymenoptera, Mutillidae): 1, generic review with descriptions of three new genera. Journal of Hymenoptera Research 46: 1-24. https://doi.org/10.3897/JHR.46.5733